Easy Rider Home to the Seaside Saturday 3 September

Easy Rider Home to the Seaside

Saturday 3 September

Due to extreme laziness in training it was decided that London to Walsall was too far so the new plan is to ride from Wells, starting at the unfeasibly delicious Strangers with Coffee at 11, heading past Wookey Hole up to Cheddar Gorge, down to Early Doors for a lunchtime cider/ale, then past Cocklake (hehehehe) and out to Burnham-on-Sea for a paddle and chips, stopping anywhere we see a pub and maybe Rich's cider, then back to The Sheppey until closing. 


The original idea was Easy Rider Home and that still stands so if you wanna splash out on some chopper/apehanger bars to cruise out in supreme style then join in. Me and Willy will be doing something daft with our handlebars so get involved. Or don't. You won't be shunned.

It's an all inclusive ride that is mostly flat apart from the first bit which is a fairly hefty climb but the rest will be flat and as fast as we can after an ale or two. If you don't think you can do the first climb just meet us at Early Doors.  Obviously we won't be riding drunk you crazy, know your limits and stick to them. 

The most important thing is having fun and riding whatever bike you have as hard as you can and being nice to everyone else. Let's go on an adventure. Oh and if you're wondering it will be about a 40 mile trip in total. Maybe a bit less. Maybe a bit more.

Easy Rider Home April 30th - May 1st

I was in the pub (the greatest in the world, The Fountain in Walsall) with my friend Fold (who was gutted he couldn't Ride Home last time we did it) and the wife (who hates riding). It was the same day as my dad's funeral and I needed them around and I needed ale. I didn't realise Fold wanted to Ride Home so much and he was all like "Are you going to do another one? How about riding from London to Walsall?" and I was like, "That's a long way. Couldn't do it on a bmx, we'd need a couple of gears and something a bit comfier." The chat carried on and the beers did. We had a brandy.

A while ago, I had a bmx and I put some chopper bars on it. I loved cruising on that so I said, "Let's see if we can get a bike for free, splash out on some chopper bars and cruise our way up over a couple of days." He said "Yes and let's call it the Easy Rider Home". Genius.

I got in touch with Willy and my sister who did it last time and they were up for shredding it too so that's what is going to happen on the May Bank Holiday weekend. Anyone can join in if they fancy - there isn't a route yet and I have no idea where we're going to stay on the way but there's still time for fancy details like that. We will almost certainly finish at the Fountain and drink some of them excellent Backyard Breweries brews.

On a more serious note, it seemed important to ride from London to Walsall as so much happens in London, it's where Fold worked and I work. So many rides happen there. So many independent brewers there. And I could have done one of them rides and drunk the really expensive beer but there always seems an emphasis on having a good bike and spending over £4 on ale and I don't have a good bike or have £4 to spend on one beer. I need something to get me around the place and some beer that I've brewed or costs under £3. I'd rather get something and fix it up as there's more satisfaction there. I make my own clothes for riding in too and doing something like this means I have to get on and make some more clothes to ride in and also just go to the pub in after not wearing the lycra.

So join us, get a bike and spend some time and love on it (and tears of frustration trying to fix something with Youtube videos). I'm going to.

The Ride

The Ride

It turns out you can buy a bike for £20 do it up a bit, draw on it and then ride it for around 30 miles with your friends taking in amazing downhill trails, more green than anyone could expect from the Midlands, great pubs, giant pork scratchings and beer. Backyard Brewery beers at the Fountain in Walsall was a massive highlight and I would recommend a visit there to anyone.
We had a great day and we're going to do it again over winter somewhere - maybe on the same bikes maybe on other ones. 
Join us.

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Marker Scrawl

Here it is:

I finally got round to putting the pictures up. This is the bike I got from ebay for £20 that I'm going to ride from Stafford train station, through Cannock Chase, to Walsall with my mate Willy and my sister this Saturday setting off around 12.30 and maybe making it before dark.

This is it as it was listed
After I gave it a quick once over, regreased the bottom bracket and took the gyro brakes off it looked like this:

And I looked like this because I forgot to tighten the bars up:

Knob cheese
That resulted in an extra £12 on new brakes as I completely broke on of them. Now it looks like this:

Ready to ride and we'll see if the wolf makes it.

Nice marker work

Oof. I love this. I’m going to do something like this on my bike that I picked up for £20. I don’t have his skill which means its going to be a £20 bike with shit drawing on it. 


Most things I do are born out of me having had a few ales/wines/whatevers and this is no exception.
I make clothes to ride in because I can and I don't like lycra.I made a couple of things for Will too because he rides and wears clothes and we've done a few rides together in the clothes. He wants me to make more and we were talking how to go about it in a sensible way but we were camping, we'd been drinking and we got talking about how we should do this: http://fixedgeargirltaiwan.blogspot.co.uk/2015/01/8bar-adventures-berlin-to-prague.html but a bit more like this: http://www.cxmagazine.com/2014-bilenky-junkyard-cross-photo-gallery-part-one and a bit more stylistically like this:
From Gummo http://doomrocket.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/gummo-bike-Edited.jpg
which is what we feel comfortable with and it sort of ties in with the clothes a bit. As I'm from Walsall, it seemed to make sense to do it to there as it isn't London and that seemed important. We couldn't decide on a start point because there wasn't enough reception to get on the internet so that came later but thought about 20-30 miles would be more than enough. We did decide we should buy a bmx for old times sake (we both had one longer ago than either of us cares to think about) and that we shouldn't spend any more than £50 on it. There was chat of stopping off at a brewery too maybe the legendary Banks's in Wolves and maybe finishing at the now sadly departed Highgate Brewery.
Essentially, the important things were bmx's, beer and maybe some new shorts. And that is where we are.
We set the date at 15th August at around lunchtime and that is what we're going to do.
More details and that to follow.