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Most things I do are born out of me having had a few ales/wines/whatevers and this is no exception.
I make clothes to ride in because I can and I don't like lycra.I made a couple of things for Will too because he rides and wears clothes and we've done a few rides together in the clothes. He wants me to make more and we were talking how to go about it in a sensible way but we were camping, we'd been drinking and we got talking about how we should do this: http://fixedgeargirltaiwan.blogspot.co.uk/2015/01/8bar-adventures-berlin-to-prague.html but a bit more like this: http://www.cxmagazine.com/2014-bilenky-junkyard-cross-photo-gallery-part-one and a bit more stylistically like this:
From Gummo http://doomrocket.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/gummo-bike-Edited.jpg
which is what we feel comfortable with and it sort of ties in with the clothes a bit. As I'm from Walsall, it seemed to make sense to do it to there as it isn't London and that seemed important. We couldn't decide on a start point because there wasn't enough reception to get on the internet so that came later but thought about 20-30 miles would be more than enough. We did decide we should buy a bmx for old times sake (we both had one longer ago than either of us cares to think about) and that we shouldn't spend any more than £50 on it. There was chat of stopping off at a brewery too maybe the legendary Banks's in Wolves and maybe finishing at the now sadly departed Highgate Brewery.
Essentially, the important things were bmx's, beer and maybe some new shorts. And that is where we are.
We set the date at 15th August at around lunchtime and that is what we're going to do.
More details and that to follow.