Easy Rider Home to the Seaside Saturday 3 September

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Easy Rider Home to the Seaside

Saturday 3 September

Due to extreme laziness in training it was decided that London to Walsall was too far so the new plan is to ride from Wells, starting at the unfeasibly delicious Strangers with Coffee at 11, heading past Wookey Hole up to Cheddar Gorge, down to Early Doors for a lunchtime cider/ale, then past Cocklake (hehehehe) and out to Burnham-on-Sea for a paddle and chips, stopping anywhere we see a pub and maybe Rich's cider, then back to The Sheppey until closing. 


The original idea was Easy Rider Home and that still stands so if you wanna splash out on some chopper/apehanger bars to cruise out in supreme style then join in. Me and Willy will be doing something daft with our handlebars so get involved. Or don't. You won't be shunned.

It's an all inclusive ride that is mostly flat apart from the first bit which is a fairly hefty climb but the rest will be flat and as fast as we can after an ale or two. If you don't think you can do the first climb just meet us at Early Doors.  Obviously we won't be riding drunk you crazy, know your limits and stick to them. 

The most important thing is having fun and riding whatever bike you have as hard as you can and being nice to everyone else. Let's go on an adventure. Oh and if you're wondering it will be about a 40 mile trip in total. Maybe a bit less. Maybe a bit more.