Easy Rider Home April 30th - May 1st

09:14 James 0 Comments

I was in the pub (the greatest in the world, The Fountain in Walsall) with my friend Fold (who was gutted he couldn't Ride Home last time we did it) and the wife (who hates riding). It was the same day as my dad's funeral and I needed them around and I needed ale. I didn't realise Fold wanted to Ride Home so much and he was all like "Are you going to do another one? How about riding from London to Walsall?" and I was like, "That's a long way. Couldn't do it on a bmx, we'd need a couple of gears and something a bit comfier." The chat carried on and the beers did. We had a brandy.

A while ago, I had a bmx and I put some chopper bars on it. I loved cruising on that so I said, "Let's see if we can get a bike for free, splash out on some chopper bars and cruise our way up over a couple of days." He said "Yes and let's call it the Easy Rider Home". Genius.

I got in touch with Willy and my sister who did it last time and they were up for shredding it too so that's what is going to happen on the May Bank Holiday weekend. Anyone can join in if they fancy - there isn't a route yet and I have no idea where we're going to stay on the way but there's still time for fancy details like that. We will almost certainly finish at the Fountain and drink some of them excellent Backyard Breweries brews.

On a more serious note, it seemed important to ride from London to Walsall as so much happens in London, it's where Fold worked and I work. So many rides happen there. So many independent brewers there. And I could have done one of them rides and drunk the really expensive beer but there always seems an emphasis on having a good bike and spending over £4 on ale and I don't have a good bike or have £4 to spend on one beer. I need something to get me around the place and some beer that I've brewed or costs under £3. I'd rather get something and fix it up as there's more satisfaction there. I make my own clothes for riding in too and doing something like this means I have to get on and make some more clothes to ride in and also just go to the pub in after not wearing the lycra.

So join us, get a bike and spend some time and love on it (and tears of frustration trying to fix something with Youtube videos). I'm going to.